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Yvonne & Rich Dutra-St. JohnYvonne & Rich Dutra-St. John
Be the Hero

This is the work of Challenge Day.
Be The Hero

This book is a celebration of the countless young people and adults who have attended Challenge Day over the years, and have become Heroes in our eyes as well as their own.

Meet Juan, Victor, Albert, Patrick, and Lena.
Their stories could be the stories of nearly a million other youth and adults in our schools and communities who have met and embraced the Hero inside each of themselves.

Read about our personal journey.
If you really knew us, you would know that when we started writing BE THE HERO, we were scared. We told ourselves that "other" people were writers, not us. Since our work is experiential and based on human interaction, we weren't sure we could translate it into a book. Then we looked at the title of the book again and knew we had to write it—we were the Heroes we had been waiting for.

Share the lessons.
The book is filled with many of the lessons and much of the work we teach in Challenge Day programs across the world, as well as in our Next Step to Being the Change workshops and other programs. Among the many tools you'll discover is our powerful yet simple three-step Formula for Change. When you use it, you'll find, connect to and celebrate the Hero in you.

High school students express thier love and support at Challenge Day.
Young people showing love following a Challenge Day.

See everyday Heroes.
Each book includes a 15-minute DVD excerpt from the Emmy Award-winning program Teen Files: Surviving High School, aired on UPN in 2001. In the video, Rich and Yvonne lead a group of teens from Yuba City High School. You'll watch them all become leaders and real Heroes as they create change in their own lives and inspire those around them. Incredibly real and truly moving, this program has helped launch the Be The Change Movement around the world.

Map your own road of self-discovery.
Each chapter of the book can stand alone. Indeed, each chapter is a workshop in itself. Our hope is that BE THE HERO will become a path for finding and celebrating the Hero within each of you.

We challenge you to dream big, to risk doing things differently, and to Be the Hero You've Been Waiting For in your own life.
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Dare to Discover the Hero Within.  Be the Change.

Dare to Discover the Hero Within.  Be the Change.

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