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Be the Hero

Be the Hero You've Been Waiting For

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360 pages, softcover
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When we were in school, we learned how to read, write, and do math—we even learned how to drive a car—but no one ever taught us how to be ourselves. No one taught us how to deal with the thoughts and feelings we carried inside us every day. No one taught us how to discover our personal truths, how to express our love, how to connect in a deep and honest way with other human beings, how to communicate with our siblings or our parents, and certainly no one taught us how to grow into the parents we wanted to be to our future children.

Today, as adults, we pose the question: if we never learn these things—truth, love, connection, communication—then does learning anything else really matter?

BE THE HERO is our attempt to pass on some of the lessons we most needed to learn but never received in school. It is our gift to young people everywhere, and to the young person who still lives within each and every one of us.

Dare to Discover the Hero Within.  Be the Change.

Dare to Discover the Hero Within.  Be the Change.

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