Yvonne & Rich Dutra St John, MA MFT
Founders of Challenge Day & the Be the Change Movement
Be the Hero


Here are some of the amazing things people have said about Yvonne & Rich!

I have never experienced a workshop that goes to the "soul of our being", tests our vulnerability, and works through our demons."

— Norm F. Kitchner, Ontario, Parent
The Next Step Workshop helped in getting in touch with our true selves, but just as significant for me was the listening and getting to experience others in such an emotional, loving, non-judgmental way. Both Rich & Yvonne live and practice what they teach so sincerely and deeply."

— Patricia R., Kitchner, Ontario, Retired Teacher
Rich Leads I Feel Good Cheer
Rich and Yvonne were both so kind and welcoming. They made me feel loved from the first moment."

— Haley A., Baden, Ontario, Student
[Rich & Yvonne] They have such an amazing energy that is truly a gift from God."

— Mary T., Breslan, Ontario, Student
Yvonne & Rich walk the walk and talk the talk. They inspire!"

— Cory L., Guelph, Ontario, Teacher
The workshop was an incredible experience. The Leaders [Rich & Yvonne] were encouraging, loving, understanding, supportive, caring, comforting, detail oriented experienced…simply amazing."

— Steffen L., Waterloo, ON, Engineer
This workshop gave me hope. Rich & Yvonne are very believable and compassionate people."

— Pat B., Waterloo, Ontario, Parent
Both Rich & Yvonne are fantastic people. They helped me get a better perspective on so many things and learn so much"

— Kelsey
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Dare to Discover the Hero Within.  Be the Change.

Dare to Discover the Hero Within.  Be the Change.

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